Welcome to Safe School Project, Nigeria

Safe School Project is an initiative of Earthlight Information Services. The project takes a holistic approach in tackling school, home and public place related health, safety, security, and environment concerns ranging from fire outbreak, accident, climate change, poor waste disposal practices, hygiene, flooding, kidnapping, insecurity etc; as they affect young children in school, at home and in public space.

Who We Are

We believe every child is an integral part of the society and should be protected, nurtured and equipped with lifesaving skills that make our community sustainable.

What We Do ?

Safe School Project has three component parts namely:

  • Basic Fire Safety and Security Education for School Children in Nigeria
  • My Community & I School Project
  • Say No to Cultism, Sexual Harassment and Prostitution
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It is with our passions as it is with fire and water; they are good servants, but bad masters.

Roger L'Estrange

Empowering Every Child, Everywhere!

The increasing incidents of fire outbreak and kidnappings at home, school and in public place, and the associated burns, injuries, trauma, loss of properties, death etc. on children, parents and society at large necessitated the initiation of Safe School Project workshop on Basic Fire Safety and Security Education for children in Nigeria.

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