About Safe School Project, Nigeria.

Safe School Project is an initiative of Earthlight Information Services. The project takes a holistic approach in tackling school, home and public place related health, safety, security, and environment concerns ranging from fire outbreak, accident, climate change, poor waste disposal practices, hygiene, flooding, kidnapping, insecurity etc; as they affect young children in school, at home and in public space.

The project seeks to increase health, safety, security, and environment knowledge within school districts (LEDs) to reduce incidents, injuries, environmental degradation, property damage, death, disruption and lost educational time; through the integration of classroom and practical sessions thus providing an in-depth knowledge and practical solutions to these concerns.

Experts in the field of security, health, safety and environment facilitates the trainings thus discussing all essential and relevant topical issues.

Target audience are children, school administrators, principals, teachers, and non-teaching staff.

We believe every child is an integral part of the society and should be protected, nurtured and equipped with lifesaving skills that make our community sustainable.

What We Do?

Safe School Project has three component parts
Basic Fire Safety and Security Education for School Children in Nigeria

The increasing incidents of fire outbreak and kidnappings at home, school and in public place, and the associated burns, injuries, trauma, loss of properties, death etc. on children, parents and society at large necessitated the initiation of Safe School Project workshop on Basic Fire Safety and Security Education for children in Nigeria.
This workshop hinges on the following facts.

  • No record of comprehensive fire safety and security training for staff/caregivers and students
  • Lack of emergency planning and fire prevention knowledge for staff and students
  • Children are mostly affected when fire occurs
  • Children do not know what to do when accosted by strangers at home and in public places
  • Economic impact of fire outbreak, kidnappings, sexual harassment, and property damage is enormous coupled with the psychological effects on the social well-being of individuals and communities concerned
  • Lack of functional or insufficient fire extinguishers and smoke/heat detectors in classrooms, homes and offices
Consequently, the project/workshop will achieve the following measures.
  • Provide basic fire safety and security knowledge for school children
  • Teach children how to use fire extinguishers and procedures to observe in cases of fire
  • Show children what to do when accosted by strangers
  • Prevent/reduce fire related incidents, injuries, property damage, death, disruption and lost educational time
  • Prevent and reduce the rate of kidnappings, sexual harassment and child molestation in schools and public places
  • Encourage donation/provision of fire safety equipments, safety magazines in schools by administrators, local authorities, organizations etc
My Community & I School Project

This is a climate change and waste management education program for juveniles in secondary schools in Nigeria to enable them cultivate a healthy attitude in the use of their immediate environment to prevent illicit waste disposal practices, flooding, disease outbreak; and to become socially responsible individuals. Thus, equipping young adults with entrepreneurial skills to manage waste locally (recycle, reuse, and reduce waste materials) for financial empowerment while ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Say No to Cultism, Sexual Harassment and Prostitution

Cultism, sexual harassment and prostitution are common practices in the higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. Their effects on the society is impactful and enormous. The need to consciously and constantly enlighten the young adults about this hydra headed moral evil and empower them to shun violence and promiscuity cannot be overemphasized. This project targets the vulnerable and unsuspecting youths in schools and those transiting from high schools to tertiary institutions to enlighten them on the consequences of certain behaviours and the impact such has on the family and society as a whole.

The overall objective of this project is to empower juveniles with lifesaving skills to ‘Say No’ to illicit behaviours.